Advice on Having A Baby (Teen Mom & Dad)

I know teen pregnancy has been glorified and now every where you look there is either a new show with teen moms, or some news report about girls making a pack with each other to get pregnant. Having a baby is a huge responsibility and a lifetime commitment. Often we do not realize just how much of a responsibility and commitment having a child is until we have one. Coming from someone who was  a teen mom, it was not easy and I often wish I would have made better decisions so that I would have had a better mentality and been more stable before having a child. I also understand that God placed my daughter in my life to get my attention. Please understand right now you are young and your busy trying to keep up with the trendy topic on twitter, or newest song out. It’s fun hitting the club, chillin with friends and just being lazy on a Saturday not doing anything but texting and watching t.v.. Having a baby will change your life forever. Allow yourself to grow and develope into a mature adult before you decide to bring another life into the world. Becoming a mother made me realize just how important it is for me to be a role model for my little ones. The world is so awful and bad, every other day you hear about a murder, or some teacher having sex with a student or some mass shooting of lots of people. Why bring a innocent baby into such a corrupt place? I just know that I wish I would of had someone giving me the avice I am giving you. Me and my mom talked about sex sometime but we didn’t have indepth conversations like we should have. We didn’t talk about my future and how my life would be once I had a child. I just know that I defineitly would have taken some precautions if we would have talked more. Please feel free to email me @ if you want to talk more. I am here if you need someone who can relate.

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3 thoughts on “Advice on Having A Baby (Teen Mom & Dad)

  1. This is so true, Preach my sista!!!! I hope young ladies truly pay attention to the message you have and take time to contact you and get the assistance they may need.

  2. WOW, you speak with such truth and conviction I hope these teens truly use this information you are providing and take advantage of your effort to try and help them

  3. Man this is great advice and so many young people need to hear this. Keep spreading the word! Much Respect Queen!

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