Teen Queen~What’s Your Story?

“There are thousands of inspirational stories waiting to be told about young women who yearn for a great education. They are stories of struggle and stories of success, and they will inspire others to take action and work to change lives.”~Soledad O’Brien  

Teen Queens:Becoming One with the Divine (10 Virtues of Ma’at)

 ☆☆☆GODDESS SEASON☆☆☆ Got BALANCE? 10 VIRTUES to be ONE with Ma’at. The path to the development of Goddess qualities is through the cultivation of virtues and Knowledge of your true Self.I will Control my thoughts I will Control my actions I will have Devotion of purpose I will Have faith in the ability of the…

Teen Queens:The Importance Of The Wombman

☆☆☆SAVING THE YOUTH ST☆RS☆☆☆ ☆☆☆TEEN QUEENS:THE IMPORTANCE OF THE WOMBMAN☆☆☆ I personally feel if moor of you young sistars knew the value of yourself you would be moor cautious about how you portray yourself not only in a public domain but in private as well.☆ ☆I am aware tho that the media, society and even our family play…

Teen Queen (I AM)

☆☆☆GODDESS SEASON☆☆☆ I AM my own GOD and GODDESS. In a World starved of a female deity. In a World that has killed Wombman’s Spirituality. I AM full of Laughter, Prosperity, Joy, Inner Peace & Creativity! I AM MOOR #GODDESSSEASON #PROSPERITYLIFE

Teen Queen (L♡ve YourSelf)

                                     ☆☆☆GODDESS SEASON☆☆☆ L♡ving yourself is a beautiful way to heal. When we love who we are we experience our higher self. We are alive, awake and aware when we show ourselves L♡ve!! ♡ Kween Sankofa♡ #GODDESSSEASON #QUEENUNITY #TEENQUEENS

Teen Queen (Breaking The Cycle)

                                   ☆☆☆GODDESS SEASON☆☆☆I have been called a “little bitch” by my mom who only started doing it because her best friend referred to her daughter as a “little bitch”. Being called a bitch becomes the norm after hearing it for so long. I mean me & my homegirls called each other bitch for the longest….

Teen Queen Inspiration

☆☆☆GODDESS SEASON☆☆☆ We may not have the “perfect” female role model in our lives but we all have someone we look up to who can provide us with a solid template of where to start. I’m flawed and still growing but I vow to not only continue evolving as a GODDESS for my Princess but…

Teen Queen (Use your Mind NOT your Body)

Dear Queen’s, Men get bored, your body will ONLY do so much before they are on to the next one. Stimulate their mind and keep them intrigued for more. Close those legs and OPEN your mind! #QUEENSREVOLUTION #RAWTRUTH #SAVINGTHEYOUTHSTARS #TEENQUEENS

Teen Queen Inspiration

☆☆☆TEEN Q.U.E.E.N.S.☆☆☆ Teen Queen Live Your Dreams Experience the Unseen Know in your Soul you can accomplish anything You bring Light You bring Life You are a daughter of EARTH KNOW YOUR WORTH! I L♡VE YOU!!! ☆☆☆KWEEN☆☆☆

Teen Queen Inspiration

☆☆☆TEEN QUEEN’S:BE STRONG, BE CONFIDENT, BE YOU☆☆☆ Some one’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality! Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, Dream Big & Just be the Best You, You can be!! 🙂 #SAVINGTHEYOUTH #PROSPERITYLIFE #QUEENSREVOLUTION #INSPIRATION #INSPIRE #MOTIVATION