Saving The YouthSt☆rs:Spiritual Enlightenment Post Of The Week:42 Laws of Ma’at (Am Virtues)



☆☆☆SAVING THE YOUTH STRS☆☆☆ SPIRITUALENLIGHTENMENT POST OF THE WEEK:42 LAWS OF MA’AT: AM VIRTUES The 10 commandments listed in the Bible are derived from the 42 Laws of MA’AT The Goddess of Peace, Truth, Justice, Freedom & L♡ve! These are the 42 Laws of MA’AT  you can say in the Rising as you awake projecting to Th Most Highs and the Universe the virtues you would like to exude during the day! Do some independent research on MA’AT and these 42 laws and see if you can locate the 10 Virtues of MA’AT and the 42 Laws of MA’AT you should say before bed! See if these laws resonate with your soul and reflect on how you feel after speaking these laws out loud! For moor Spiritual Post please visit us at http://www.savingtheyouth. com & if you have any suggestions of information you want to see on the site please email us at or DM us on Instagram @savingtheyouthstars


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