Saving The YouthStars: YouthStar Tip Of The Week: (Keep Acting Brand Nu)



☆☆☆SAVING THE YOUTHST☆RS YOUTH TIP OF THE  DAY:KEEP ACTING BRAND NU!☆☆☆ ☆☆☆Has someone ever asked you “So you acting brand nu?” Broken down in “hood” terms this means so you acting different, acting funny, acting outside of the norm other people feel and think you should bee acting like. Well don’t bee afraid to SAY YES, I’M  ACTING BRAND NU! If you are growing as an individual, expanding your mind and evolving into a better version of yourself, taking action to enhance your greatest qualities and working on yourself to become who you need to bee in order to accomplish some of your greatest goals and dreams. I SAY ACT BRAND NU!! Sometimes in life people get uncomfortable not because of you but because of themselves. When someone decides not to bee mediocre to take a leap of Faith and put in work to change, sometimes the people around them  aren’t ready for that. Because they are comfortable where they are and they like being stagnant they feel like the people in their cicrle should be complacent as well. Well sometimes you just gotta act BRAND NU and continue doing you and b eecoming your GREATEST version without worrying about how others will view you. It’s always good to ACT BRAND NU when you are EVOLVING as a person and changing for the Better!!! So go out today & ACT BRAND NU!!!☆☆☆Kween Sankofa☆☆☆ ☆☆☆For moor youth tips please visit☆☆☆ #RAWTRUTH #SAVINGTHEYOUTH #TEENKINGS #TEENQUEENS #GODDESSSEASON #TEENS #SAVINGTHEYOUTHSTARS #HAIRLOUNGEOUTREACH  #QUEENSREVOLUTION #AMBITIOUS #INSPIRATION #INSPIRE #ACTINGBRANDNEW #BRANDNU #INSPIREAGENERATION #WEARETHEVILLAGE #MOTIVATION #LIFELESSONS #YOUTHUNITY #YOUTHTIPS #GAME #OGWISDOM #OLDSCHOOLRULESINEFFECT

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