YouthSt☆rs Tip Of The Week: Staying Focused With A Million Distractions

  • ☆☆☆SAVING THE YOUTH STARS: Youth Tip (Staying Focused with a million distractions)☆☆☆ I know, I know how are you suppose to concentrate on homework when your phone keeps beeping letting you know you have “friend request”, there is a fight on love & hip hop and your friends wanna Turn Up? There is NO WAY possible you can turn the t.v. or phone off cuz you will die right?! Lol
    Well let me give you some tips that will help you stay focused! What seems so important now will seem lame later in life. STAY AHEAD OF THE GAME!

    1.Time management : There is enough time to accomplish all your goals but you just need to schedule it all out.Set you a schedule for homework, watching t.v., hanging with friends and social media time. It’s about BALANCE!

    2.Avoid your phone while working on completing important task! Just TURN IT OFF!
    3.Make a to do list of all the things you need to finish. Get them done so when its time to relax or unwind you feel good about having accomplished your goals.

    4.Perform a self evaluation and see what is important to you. Then focus on what is most important. Having your priorities in order will help you focus on them moor than the BS!

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  • savingtheyouthstars@texas_black_pages we are based in Austin,Tx but we are an online resource center!
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