Celebrating Saving The YouthSt☆rs 4 Year Anniversary


In order to celebrate our 4 year anniversary we have a new Logo to represent our YouthSt☆rs all around the world!!

🌟🌟Saving The Youthst☆rs was established in October of 2011 by owner and founder Kween Sankofa Bey as an online resource center for teens ages 13-19. We offer a variety of topics helping todays technology crazed teens navigate life a little easier. Today’s society is advancing at such a rapid pace, and with the lack of responsibility for our youth it was not only necessary for Saving The Youthst☆rs to step up but mandatory. Our main goal was to create a positive outlet with a wealth of information including but not limited to youth tips, daily inspiration, youth st☆r spotlight highlighting today’s most innovative and forward thinking youth. Educational information, financial tips, health tips, s.t.d information, motivational videos, Poetry corner, open letters, inspirational, love and spiritual quotes, book recommendations, proverbs, wisdom, fun, laughter, positive vibes and so much moor.🌟

🌟🌟This Sunday we are celebrating our 4 year anniversary. We are humbled by all the emails and comments we receive here on our site and our social media pages. We are so proud of the work we have done on our site and we are so happy to have touched so many youthst☆rs over the last 4 years. We have over 450 posts we have shared over the last 4 years that has created an internet home for today’s youth to learn, laugh, love and thrive. There is a little something for everyone and our goal is to reach one, teach one and Save The Youth St☆rs.🌟🌟

🌟🌟We have heard from hundreds of teens needing someone to talk to about being scared and pregnant, to those who have been inspired by our posts, to teens who wanted to start blogs and inquired about help , our youth we have highlighted in our youth st☆rs spotlight section and so many other’s and we appreciate each and everyone of you and 13Love you all!!!🌟🌟

🌟Please continue to reach out to us at savingtheyouth@hotmail.com with your requests for our mentor services, submitting your poetry, submitting youth for our spotlight section and for any help you may need or even if you just need to have someone listen to you vent about your issues. We look forward to another 4 years of positive vibes, free knowledge, wisdom, motivation, encouragement, prosperity, creativity, elevation and Joy🌟

13 Peace, 13 Prosperity, 13 Love, 13 Creativity, 13 Elevation

Saving The Youthstars



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