Featured Business & Blog of The Week:Clarity Daily ®

The owner of Clarity Daily is not only a King in his own right but he is someone I truly admire. He is driven, ambitious, funny and a genuine soul. He is not only gifted with the art of music, but this brother inspires through written works, art, blogging, music, community service and so much moor. You can check out his Blog Spot at by logging on to http://claritydaily.org.

Clarity Daily’s mission via http://claritydaily.org


[klar-i-tee] noun : clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding; freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity; brightness, splendor; light, shining; distinct; glorious


[dey-lee] adjective : of, done, occurring, or issued each day or each weekday

To become whole, one must become pure. Pure in mind, pure in body, pure in spirit, pure in action aka becoming your true self/your higher self/a divine being. This requires constant focus and dedication. A 24 hours a day, 7 days a week commitment. We are talking the rebirth of your soul into a higher consciousness, a Christ consciousness. Let go of your old destructive ways filled with pain, hate and doubt and embrace a NEW life full of joy, love and a light heart. In harmony with nature, one with THE ALL.That divine essence that gives us breath to breathe and water to drink. Who/what is THE ALL? She is the key(ankh), the Great Grand Mother of the universe, Big Amma Mama. Through the cosmic waters/dark matter within her womb, ALL life is brought forth, yet only the lives of the righteous are renewed into divine beings. Connected back into the royal family of Queens and Kings, the Most Highs. Through one’s alignment with her principles and accordance to her laws aka “The Way” enforced by her divine Stars and Suns, one may swim in the warm waters of eternal life. “Surprisingly”, the human body is composed of mostly water. Be pure.

Check out his online shop at http://claritydaily.bigcartel.com. You can find the latest and greatest in inspiration and uplifting gear inspired to bring out your Clarity Daily!!! 13 Love to my cuzzo!!dodger_shirt

Follow Clarity Daily on Twitter:@ClarityDaily

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