Youth Stars Tip Of The Week: Listen to your elders

☆☆☆SAVING THE YOUTHST☆RS☆☆☆YOUTH ST☆RS TIP:Listen to your Elders
15 - 1 (1)
🎲🎮The only reason why I can lace you youthst☆rs up on GAME is because of what I have experienced. If you take heed now you can always stay AHEAD OF THE GAME! When I say GAME I mean LIFE! This LIFE we LIVE is a GAME and if I have reached a certain Level trust that I can give you pointers on how to navigate!!Your parents,grandparents, aunts,uncles, or elders only tell you what they have experienced so you don’t have to go thru the same BULLSHIT! Not to just nag you!You may think you know bit you have no idea learn to sit back LISTEN and SOAK UP THE GAME so you are prepared for your MISSION!🎮🎲

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