Youth Stars Tip:Be~Aware (New Age Perception)

15 - 1

One thing I have peeped from the Youth Stars is this new age perception of one’s opinion which is now labeled as “hating”. News flash everybody is not hating on you. Showing feelings is now labeled as weak. In order for you to show emotions it takes courage to be vulnerable. Showing feelings is a sign of strength. Don’t let social media gas you up just because you have lots of “followers” and “likes” that shit don’t make you famous nor a celebrity. This does not give you value. You’re character, how you treat others and the work you do in the world is what gives you’re life value. Some people are genuine and don’t mind giving credit where credit is due. Don’t take a persons kindness for weakness. A compliment, phone call or text does not equal thirsty it may actually mean they CARE! Don’t take that for granted. “Friend” and “Loyalty” should be put in a museum cuz it’s almost extinct. We are responsible for the weight these words hold. We know a true friend is someone you can trust, someone you respect and someone who will always be honest with you. Loyalty is standing by someone thru everything and remaining the unchanged. Don’t let a trend rob you of the true value of life and experiencing people for what they truly are and not what “society” has deemed them to be. ♡Kween Sankofa♡

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