Don’t just be a Smart Ass!


15 - 1
You can have all the Knowledge in the world but if you are not applying the Knowledge you have obtained to your life to help elevate you and others then you are just a Smart Ass! Have you ever been around someone who has the answer to ever question? But they fail to use all their Knowledge to help better themselves or the people around them. Well that Teen Queens and Teen Kings is a Smart Ass somebody who just has the Knowledge so they can seem smart to everyone and make everyone eles feel dumb or beneath them. I have always heard that Knowledge equals power when it is actually Knowledge acquired then applied equals power!!! When you obtain new knowledge be sure to share it with those it can help elevate and show others where you got the information so they can do their own independent research. No one likes a Smart Ass!!! It’s Each One Teach One to Reach One!!!

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