Youth Stars Youth Tip: Respect Our Elders

15 - 1
Youth Tip Of The Week: Respect Our Elders.
I see some of today’s youth stars with no respect for our elders. They have not only paved the way for us but they have sacrificed a lot for us to have the freedom we have now. Most of the disrespect is due to the fact that you have not had home training but that is no excuse because you have Saving The Youth Stars provided you with the tools you need in order to conduct yourself as a Teen Queen or a Teen King. You should not be cussing in front of our elders, you should not be talking disrespectful to them. You should be helping them with their groceries. Listening to their stories and soaking up all the wisdom our elders have before they leave this Earth.

13 RASPECT TO ALL OUR ELDERS! Old School Rules in Effect with me. ThAnkh you for all the knowledge and wisdom you have passed down. ThAnkh you for your Strength and Courage. ThAnkh you for your Stories and Hard Work. ThAnkh you for the Morals and Values. ThAnkh you for leaving US with a Legacy!!
♡Kween Sankofa♡




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