15 - 8

*Don’t slow down your progression to try and help and save people who have no desire to be helped.
I used to be so passionate about “waking” people up! I felt like it was my duty to share the knowledge I obtained. Sharing wasn’t the problem it was who I was sharing the knowledge with. Just like I was hungry and searched for
#RAWTRUTH,studying all night, reading books, meditating, reprogramming my mind.. they would have to do the same. At one point I became so consumed with trying to help others I stopped progressing and growing myself. Sometimes it is what it is. With ENLIGHTENMENT came a Sense of peace. Excuse my french but F*ck dragging people along and complaining how they don’t get. F*ck em, its about the ZERO-POINT OF SELF! I am here for those who seek the information not for those who choose to sleep on the information!
Kween Sankofa



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