Youth Tip: A True Power Couple or NAH?

15 - 4
A TRUE Power Couple or Nah?

I been around the “street life” and what I have learned is fast money goes fast and the “glamorous” shit don’t last long when you are getting your door kicked in and having guns pointed at you and your seeds. Or your doing 20 years in the penn because your so called homeboy snitches on you. Don’t let these rappers and rap songs gas you up to want to sell dope. (Young Negus Young Negus don’t move Dope but have some Hope in you and your life goals)This is not the 70’$ 80’$ or 90’$ times have changed and so has the Game. Young Sistar I know she makes it look real good on Instagram. But have you ever talk to a stripper? Most times her self-esteem is non existent, she medicates herself to numb herself from the pain she experiences. She often times had a painful childhood or early adulthood causing her to sell her body in the first place. Know your worth and value your TEMPLE!! A real power couple helps to move the community and culture forward. They are ambitious and driven to accomplish their life goals. They inspire each other to be better and push each other daily so they elevate continuously. KWEEN SANKOFA

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