Teen Queen (I AM)

☆☆☆GODDESS SEASON☆☆☆ I AM my own GOD and GODDESS. In a World starved of a female deity. In a World that has killed Wombman’s Spirituality. I AM full of Laughter, Prosperity, Joy, Inner Peace & Creativity! I AM MOOR #GODDESSSEASON #PROSPERITYLIFE Advertisements

Ancient Afrikan Proverb

“Judge not your beauty by the number of people who look at you, but rather by the number of people who smile at you”~African Proverb

Inspirational Quote Of The Week

☆☆☆GODDESS SEASON☆☆☆ My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some PASSION, some COMPASSION , some HUMOR, and some STYLE.~Dr.Maya Angelou Sending vibrations of HARMONY, JOY, PROSPERITY, ELEVATION, 13LOVE & INNER PEACE KENFOLK! #GODDESSSEASON #PROSPERITYLIFE

To have Swagg or Not to Have Swagg?

TO HAVE SWAGG OR NOT TO HAVE SWAGG THAT IS THE QUESTION? Swag or Swagg can be temporary. You may have the flyest or latest kicks or outfit one day and be out of style the next day. Swagg is trendy and depending on what “society” has deemed the newest you may not have swagg at all. So why…

Health Tip Of The Week (Pineapples)

Check out the many benefits of Pineapple!! *These are just a few of the many benefits of Pineapples, to see what other benefits Pineapples offer be sure to do your own independent research!!


☆☆☆GODDESS SEASON☆☆☆ *Don’t slow down your progression to try and help and save people who have no desire to be helped. I used to be so passionate about “waking” people up! I felt like it was my duty to share the knowledge I obtained. Sharing wasn’t the problem it was who I was sharing the…

Youth Tip: A True Power Couple or NAH?

☆☆☆SAVING THE YOUTH STARS☆☆☆ A TRUE Power Couple or Nah? I been around the “street life” and what I have learned is fast money goes fast and the “glamorous” shit don’t last long when you are getting your door kicked in and having guns pointed at you and your seeds. Or your doing 20 years in…

Youth Tip (Staying Focused with a Million Distractions)

SAVING THE YOUTH STARS: Youth Tip (Staying Focused with a million distractions) I know, I know how are you suppose to concentrate on homework when your phone keeps beeping letting you know you have “friend request”, there is a fight on love & hip hop and your friends wanna Turn Up? There’s no way you…