“We need to educate our own.
If you truly believe this statement, sign up for K.I.M.U. and select your course of study! Share this blog with others so we can successful make educating our own a REALITY. Classes will be held for ages 7 through 107 in subject areas that will uplift, inform and call to action the sleeping giant we are as a race of people.
 The K.I.M.U. educational platform has been created so we can provide the opportunity to teach our own youth.  Share this article with family, friends and neighbors so ALL of us can be EDUCATED and ELEVATED!
K.I.M.U. has partnered with The Legacy of a Nation Radio Network to help in laying the proper solid foundation for our educational system which will lead to creating a better way of life for our Black families, friends and community. Brother Ramisous Amon Maat-ra is the organizer of this powerful radio network and provides online programming 7 days a week. Also on this list of online radio shows, I have included additional shows to listen to.  “Up, you mighty race, accomplish what you will.” – Marcus Garvey
Check out the K.I.M.U website to sign up for classes!!

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