Youth Tip: (Mu$ic Addition) Support The REAL

15 - 1

Saving The Youth Stars


Saving The Youth Stars supports the REAL! If you Youth Stars really wanna TURN (THE F*CK) UP GO CHECK OUT WALE on The Simply Nothing Tour!!! I went to his show this past Friday the 6th here in Austin,TX at EMOS! Immaculate Performance, Lyrical Content (Subject Matter), Live Band, Live Ass Beats, He performed Mixtape Songs, Album Songs, He had great Crowd Participation, He got in the crowd and rocked with us. My Negus even went into Concert Overtime!! (1 Moor Song looking ass) Ha ha I HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE, I WAS TOO LIVE, I ENJOYED EVERY MOMENT!! This KING is down to earth, humble and has a passion for not only the art of his craft MU$IC but THE PEOPLE!! I saw this in his show! Audio Push, Bizzy Crook and ALL the local performers from my city ALL put on a LIVE show. They Turned ATX ALL the way out!!  & if you want some fly custom-made jewelery like my FLY ANKH Necklace check out or follow them on IG:@nubianluxuriesbrand

Kween Sankofa







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