Teen Queen (Breaking The Cycle)

                                 ☆☆☆GODDESS SEASON☆☆☆I have been called a “little bitch” by my mom who only started doing it because her best friend referred to her daughter as a “little bitch”. Being called a bitch becomes the norm after hearing it for so long. I mean me & my homegirls called each other bitch for the longest. That changed for me when I became enlightened! Most young and older sistars think its ok to refer to themselves as a BAD BITCH because they have gotten used to being called Bitch. I’m breaking cycles over here and will ONLY refer to my Princess as a Princess, Queen or Goddess! This way she innerstands her value as a young wombman and grows up knowing her Worth and Value!Names carry vibrations if you want these young women to act like women try calling them something else besides Bitch!


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