Ancient Afrikan Proverb

“Ugliness with a good character is better than beauty”~Nigerian Proverb Advertisements

Our Story Moment (Got Melanin?)

  ☆☆☆GOT MELANIN?☆☆☆ HEADED TOWARDS THE DARKNESS! You ever wonder why melanated brothas & sistars look so good and like they are never aging? Well Melanin slows ageing & the moor SUN you get the moor MELANIN you produce! They say the darker the berry the sweeter the juice and the Darker your skin the less it ages. WE…


                               “We need to educate our own. “If you truly believe this statement, sign up for K.I.M.U. and select your course of study! Share this blog with others so we can successful make educating our own a REALITY. Classes will be held for ages 7 through 107 in subject areas that will uplift, inform and call…

Teen Queen (L♡ve YourSelf)

                                     ☆☆☆GODDESS SEASON☆☆☆ L♡ving yourself is a beautiful way to heal. When we love who we are we experience our higher self. We are alive, awake and aware when we show ourselves L♡ve!! ♡ Kween Sankofa♡ #GODDESSSEASON #QUEENUNITY #TEENQUEENS

Love Quote Of The Week

“Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don’t know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of withering, of tarnishing.”~ Anais Nin  

Youth Tip: (Mu$ic Addition) Support The REAL

Saving The Youth Stars Youth Tip: SUPPORT THE REAL Saving The Youth Stars supports the REAL! If you Youth Stars really wanna TURN (THE F*CK) UP GO CHECK OUT WALE on The Simply Nothing Tour!!! I went to his show this past Friday the 6th here in Austin,TX at EMOS! Immaculate Performance, Lyrical Content (Subject…

Youth Star Spot Light Of The Week (Nia & Imani Lindsay)

 ☆☆☆YOUTH STARS SPOT LIGHT OF THE WEEK☆☆☆Shout Out to these two beautiful and talented young sistars Nia & Imani Lindsay!!! 10 year old Canadian twins Nia and Imani Lindsay are gifted and using their talents to explore their unlimited possibilities!! These two not only speak French and Spanish – they also earned a half scholarship to the “Young Dancer Summer…

Health Tip Of The Week (Strawberries)

*Check out the many benefits of Strawberries!!       Some of the many benefits of Strawberries include loose weight, anti-aging, eye health, reducing inflammation and boosting memory!! *Always be sure to do your own independent research to see how fruits can benefit you and your family!!!