Youth Stars Spotlight Of The Week

14 - 1

Shout Out to this YouthStar Joshua Beckford

At 8 years old this youth star has accomplished some big dreams of his! He sudied at Oxford University at the age of 6, and he is the face of the National Autistic Society’s Black and Minority (BME) campaign. This youth star is one of a kind, he is too advanced for his required school grade so that lead him into being homeschooled. He excels in Math, Foreign Languages, History, Philosophy, IT and Science. This incredible kid already has his future mapped out of being a neurosurgeon; he practices procedures like appendectomy and gall bladder removal. He also plans to be an astronaut sometime in life! This youth star also has an interest in Egypt and has started writing a children’s books on the historic nation.

Way to Go! What an inspiration to our Youth Stars! Your Future is Bright you can be whatever you want to be!!

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