Youth Spot Light Of The Week (Joshua Beckford)

This is my favorite portion of Saving The Youth, acknowledging some of the Greatest Kids around the world showing US that there is no age limit on Greatness!!

Joshua Beckford, of Portland Road, could understand the alphabet and point to different colours on a chart when he was ten months old. At age six he started taking classes at the University of Oxford and now dreams of becoming a neurosurgeon. Joshua’s father Knox Daniel is the first person to notice how clever and smart his son was. Joshua learned to read fluently by the time he was two and a half and taught himself to touch-type on a computer before he could write using a pencil. This young King can speak Japanese, practices medical surgery on a computer simulator and has completed more than 1,000 maths problems. Back in 2011 Mr Daniel wanted to challenge Joshua so he wrote to the university to see if it would let him participate in a philosophy course for bright children between the age of eight and 13. The University agreed and Joshua was the youngest student ever accepted and passed with a distinction. Joshua was diagnosed with high functioning autism which means that along with other symptoms of the condition he is also very intelligent. But this young King does not seem to have any barriers or limits including being Austisic. I am so proud to and honored to have this young King as my Youth Spot Light of the week!!

*If you know any stories or children within your family or community who should be acknowledged here on Youth Spot Light Of The Week please send them to so I can get them posted here on the site!!

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