Youth Spot Light Of The Week (Alex Dunlap)

We have to celebrate OUR YOUTH more especially those who are accomplishing so much as such a young age. I am so proud of this young sista. Alex Dunlap is a Broad Ripple High School student and she is one of ONLY 1,000 students in the entire country to receive the Prestigious Gates Millennium Scholarship!!!! This scholarship is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and covers a full ride to any college or university in the country, all the way through a doctoral degree if the recipient chooses. This is an older story so by now Queen Alex has already graduated from high school a year early and she plans to pursue her passion for languages. Queen Alex states “I’m going to study Spanish, French and Chinese in college with a focus in Arabic, I’m going to pick that one up as well,” she said. “And after undergrad, I plan on attending law school.” Queen Alex also plans to fight for the rights of children in foreign countries, but while her travels might take her worldwide, she plans to stay close to home for college. She said in an article I was reading regarding this story “I’ve just recently decided to go to DePauw because they have such a great liberal arts program,” she said. “Their study abroad program is great and exactly what I need because of my languages. Their language program is great. And I’m going to be entering as a Bonner scholar, which is a community service scholarship.” This beautiful sista is beyond amazing and just an excellent student, she also has a passion for community service. She teaches Spanish to inner-city kids, and she plans to keep volunteering. She has this advice to other students. “Always work hard, study hard and make sure you find something you’re passionate about in high school,” she said. “For me it was languages and it was music. And I was passionate and I loved doing it, so I always worked hard doing it.” This young Queen is the first student ever from Broad Ripple High School to become a Gates Scholar.

Round of Applause for this beautiful young Sista. I am wishing her many years of Peace, Prosperity and Abundance!!! She deserves all the world can offer her. I am looking forward to posting more stories of the Great Accomplishments from OUR YOUTH!!!!

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