Natural Hair Tip#5 (Co-Washing)

What is co-washing?

Co-washing is just using conditioner to cleanse your hair instead of using shampoo.

What Conditioner should you use?

To tell if your conditioner is co-wash friendly, just read the ingredients on the bottle and look for these silicones: Dimethicone Copolyl and PEG Modified Dimethicone. These are the water soluble silicones. If you conditioner contains these, you’re good to go!

How often should you co-wash your hair?

That’s all personal preference. You can keep you current regimen, while simple eliminating the shampoo step. So if you normally wash your hair once a week, keep washing your hair once a week. Just use conditioner instead of shampoo.

*There are also a plethora of video’s on youtube I have watched to get different ideas for cowashing and there are books I have listed in other Natural Tips I have provided which give suggestions on co-washing!!

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