Health Tip Of The Week (Benefits of MINT)

*As always do NOT be lazy do your own independent research to see if this will be beneficial for you. But what is more beneficial than something NATURAL? Huh!

Health Benefits Of MINT!!
-Blood Cleanser
-Eliminates Toxins from the body
-Relieves aches and pains
-Whitens teeth and combats bad breath
-Prevents colon, skin and lung cancer
-Reduces growth of bacteria and fungus
-Soothes the digestive tract
-Helps in curing asthma

*Yeah Yeah Yeah I have used words like curing and prevents, well if you think pharmaceutical drugs can cure anything but something Natural and from the Earth can not then you are on the wrong site. Just research Mint and try it out to see what benefits it has for you!!! I usually use my mint in water along with lemon, this is also a great detox for the body!!

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