Youth Spot Light Of The Week (Zora Ball)



When I think back to first grade I was extremely smart and very talkative, I remember always getting in trouble for talking too much. When I think back on it now I realize I talked so much because I was bored and wasnt being stimulated mentally. My mom was kinda wild back then so she just did what the teachers told her and they put me on a contract for talking. Instead I should I have been placed in a Gifted and Talented class which would have allowed me to advance and use my brain that never stopped thinking. Lucky for this Beautiful young sista she has parents behind her who have helped cultivate her Talents.

Then 7yr Old Beauty Zora Ball decided to take technology into her own hands and become the youngest person to create a full-version mobile game application. She attends Harambee Institute of Science and Technology Charter School which is located in West Philadelphia!! This little Princess developed the game using a programming language called “Bootstrap” which teaches children ages 12 to 16 how to understand complex math. She also was able to reconfigure her application upon request. (2 Snaps in a circle) Because she has done something tremendous and extremely inspiring for our younger generation!! Let’s give it up for this beautiful young lady and her amazing parents for doing such a great job in helping her cultivate her talents!! I love this stories they inspire me and I hope they will inspire you!!

If you know of any other young children who need to be acknowledged as a Youth Spotlight please send me the articles and stories @

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