Youth Spot Light Of The Week


We always here about the negative, what is it with people? They love reporting bad news or something negative. Well as E-40 said “Do what they don’t” So I do just that by bringing the spot light to the youth who are making noise and brining about change in the world. Check out this story on an 8yr old Brave, Beautiful little sista from Tennessee.

State Sen. Stacey Campfield was confronted by 8yr old Aamira Fetuga, who presented him with a petition signed by people opposing his welfare bill, according to the Tennessean. Nearby, a choir of about 60 activists sang “Jesus Loves the Little Children.” He didnt pay her much mind and walked away, this little Revolutionary was not giving up,she followed behind him “Why do you want to cut benefits for people?” 8-year-old Fetuga asked after she caught up with him on a Capitol escalator. “Well, I wouldn’t as long as the parent shows up to school and goes to two parent-teacher conferences and they’re exempt,” the state Senator explained.

But the protest tactics may have worked because Campfield decided to withdraw the bill before Thursday’s vote after several other former supporters began to express doubts.
Under Campfield’s bill, families could have lost up to 30 percent of welfare benefits from the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) program if a child did not attend school regularly and make “satisfactory academic progress.” Let’s Celebrate this Beautiful, Brave, Strong little sista who is an example to all of us. Stand up for what you believe in and make something happen!!

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