Jordan Russell Davis


Yesterday 2.16.2014 was OUR Brotha Jordan Russell Davis birthday he would have been 19 years old. I would like to say I AM JORDAN RUSSELL DAVIS AND I WANT JUSTICE. How long are we going to let white people continue to kill our children with no repercussions?

3 thoughts on “Jordan Russell Davis

  1. I just said this… That if you wonder where the KKK went- look no further than the Anerikkkan legal system. They are lynching us left and right. And if not death, They throw the jail book at us! Emmet Till’s murderers walked away thanks to the Amerikkan legal system. And now Jordan has to rest in peace. They have convinced most of us that race has NOTHING to do with it! Good to see like me YOU know the truth. You see the light against the power of black. Lets unite family. I’ll walk with you.

    1. Exactly!! It’s amazing to me that The Black Panthers and other Black organizations have been placed on the “Terroist” List but yet you have innocent Black children and young adults being killed daily by suspected white supermacist and they get off scott free!

      1. Yes. Just look at Haste- the NYC cop who murdered an unarmed teen after yelling: He’s got a gun! Or some lie.

        Look at his face. It SCREAMS KKK! Look at the music videos of their black puppets they use to display their messages. Especially their beloved “Stupid Hoe” Nicki Minaj. The video of a black woman deserted. And the last black man in the video she shoots. They want to rid the world of black. And the women can stay if we sit in our place. Take off our clothes like animals, and be their chain- ridden slaves.

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