Youth Spot Light Of The Week (Anala Beevers)


Now these are the types of stories I love to read and see about. The news and other media outlets will have you going crazy. I am on a media fast. I report the news I like to hear about and I search for the stories I want to read about. I like to share the POSITIVE,we have enough NEGATIVITY going on in the World already.

Anala Beevers is no ordinary four-year-old girl from New Orleans. She is a Spectacular, Highly Intelligent, Beautiful and Adorable 4 Year old with the IQ over 145. Earning her an invitation to join the selective society, Mensa. Most “Mensans” score in the top two percent of the population for their IQs — however, Anala’s performance placed her in the top one percent.

Anala has vocational aspirations–she wants to become a nurse–and enjoys playing with her big sister. Anala is a whiz when it comes to reciting U.S. capitals and the names of global countries too, just a few examples of her aptitude. Her mother Sabrina Beevers first noted her exceptional mind when Anala aced the alphabet at four-months-old, and later learned numbers in both Spanish and English at 18 months. “She corrects our grammar,” Sabrina added. “She needs a reality show,” Landon insists. (Anala’s Dad)

I am Proud of this sweet little sista and her parents for doing such a Great job on teaching her. ALL children have the capability to be a GENIUS if WE put the time and effort into them like Sabrina and Landon have done with Anala!!!

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