Inventor Of The Week


I am not sure where you all stay but I live in the Great State of TEXAS where it is HOT! No for real though, I am surprised at the winter we are having this year because it is normally HOT all year around. But when it really matters is in the Summer the heat get’s ridiculous so I love to keep my AC unit running at around 60 degrees. Well wouldn’t you know it, everything that makes our lives so much easier was invented by African American’s including the AC Unit. Mr. Frederick McKinley Jones was of the most prolific Black Inventors ever. Frederick Jones patented more than 60 inventions including the air conditioning unit, self-starting gas engine, devices for movie projectors and more. Mr. Frederick Jones was granted more than 40 patents in the field of refrigeration. Mr. Frederick Jones was issued a patent on July 12, 1940 (Patent#2,303,857) for the AC unit. Boy my people are BAD (Brilliant & Determined)!! Please do your research on this brotha….cold piece of work!! LOL

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