1$t Ladee’ Queen Motivational Speech Of The Week


PROSPERITY: The State of being Prosperous!

Today I decided I’M ON THE MOVE. You may be saying what does that mean exactly. To me ON THE MOVE means I choose to no longer be bound by my circumstances. I am no longer bound by my past mistakes, challenges, trials or tribulations. I am no longer bound by what others think of me or judge me to be. I have decided I am in control of my life and my destiny. Nothing defines me but ME and what I choose to define me. I am on the move because I have chosen to embrace my past circumstances, mistakes, trials, tribulations, doubts, fears and negative thoughts. Instead of letting those things define me or determine how I feel, I am on the move. If you have a strong set of core values and you know who you are everything else becomes obsolete and you are able to then maneuver thru life according to your own rules, thoughts and beliefs. I am on the move to Greatness. I am on the move to accomplishing my dreams, goals and desires. I am on the move because I know my worth and realize my life purpose and my destiny is in my hands. So often we are bound and controlled by our own negative thoughts and the negative thoughts from others. You must learn how to become one with your MIND, BODY and SOUL. If one of these is off-balance your entire being will be off-balance. Once you realize the Power of your thoughts you realize the Power you have over your life. I am on the move towards accomplishing goals I have set for myself and you should be on the move towards your goals,dreams and desires. Dont sit back and wait on someone to motivate you sometimes you have to motivate yourself. Dont sit back and wait on someone to love you, 1st you have to love yourself. Dont wait on someone to pamper you, sometimes you have to pamper yourself. Dont wait on someone to help you accomplish your goals. You must start to work towards your dreams and goals and by doing so you will attract those who can help you. I’m on the move because I know being stagnant and waiting on someone to do something for me is NOT the way I will get things accomplished. I have to be accountable for my choices and I have to be accountable for making my dreams manifest. Learn to embrace your trials, tribulations, mistakes, and learn from them as they make you better and stronger. When you begin to truly love, respect and care for self, you no longer look to outside sources for something you have within self. There is Love, respect, peace, joy, and happiness within self you just have to find it. SO GET ON THE MOVE!! Hit me up @ savingtheyouth@hotmail.com
Truly Inspired,

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