Youth Tip #10 (Creating Your Vision)

This weekend I decided to redo my vision board and help my two kids create theirs. I love having a vision board because it is a continuous reminder of what I want to have and it provides me the motivation to continue to work hard to accomplish obtaining my dreams and goals. Creating a vision board is easy and fun! You can create a vision board with a piece of paper or a poster board. I used a poster board because there are so many things I desire to obtain! Use the vision board as inspiration! You can put anything on your vision board from motivating words, pictures of your dream home, car, places you want to visit, goals you want to accomplish ect… It is unlimited what you can include on your vision board. Whatever you decide to put on your vision board is up to you. Try this fun and creative activity as a way to get you motivated and also keep you inspired to follow your passion, accomplish your goals and live your dreams! For other tips or motivation hit me up @!!

Happy Creating!!!!

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