Natural Hair Tip#4 (Green House Effect)

I found this tip the “Green House Effect” on YouTube this is a link to the website where you can find testimonials and tips

The Greenhouse effect is when you section your hair into four parts, take your moisturizer and start moisturizering your hair from the ends up and then sealing the ends with the oil of your choice. I use organic coconut oil and olive oil. You then put 2 shower caps over your hair, a satin wrap over the shower caps, a stocking cap over the satin wrap and then lastly wrap your hair with a satin wrap for extra protection. You leave this on overnight or throughout the day if you want to cover it up with a wig while at work. This allows your hair to stay full of moisture and allows your hair to get all the vitamins and nutrients it needs to stay healthy and grow faster! I love how soft this has made my hair and how manageable it is when I take it down in the morning. I have really seen a big change in how fast my hair grows since using this tip. *Remember to do your own research and use the products you feel most comfortable with. I am NOT an expert in Natural Hair care just enjoying my journey for almost a year and a half with great results from trying different tips. The ones that have worked for me I am sharing in hopes to help you on your journey!!
Happy Growing

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