Natural Hair Tip #3 (Wrap Your Hair)

Ladies we have to wrap our hair at night to help keep in the moisture and protect our hair from breakage. Using a silk or satin scarf are the best when wrapping your hair at night. From research I have found that using cotton fabrics for pillow cases and scarfs will often times do more damage to our hair then help maintain length and growth. I am a bad sleeper and even when I wrap my hair at night I always wake up with my scarf somewhere in the bed or on the floor. So I have also purchased satin pillow cases so that even when I lose my scarf I can still protect my hair with the satin pillow case. I found my satin scarf at Sally’s Beauty supply but I have seen them in other hair stores, and I believe I picked up my Satin pillow case at Ross. Very inexpensive and worth the investment to keep my Natural hair flourishing! Remember I am not an expert just enjoying my Natural Hair journey and want to share tips with other ladies and young women who may be thinking about taking the Natural Journey or already on the journey. You can always email me @ with any questions. TheLadeeQueen

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