Youth Tip#7 Entrepreneur Idea’s

Each and every one of you have the opportunity to be successful in life. It’s all up to you what you choose to do with your time. There are a plethora of idea’s that can be used to help you start your own business and earn income from doing something you love. I have compiled a few idea’s of things you can do or create in order to start a business for yourself and become an Entrepreneur. If you need something that you do not currently have, ask your parents,siblings,aunt’s,uncles,cousins..ect to help I am sure they would be happy to help you get a business started. Most parent’s will be so thrilled that you are trying to make your own money they will jump at the chance to help you get the tools you will need to be successful! & if you don’t have any one that can help you make sure you email me and I will see what I can do to help

Grass Cutting Business-Have a lawnmower,trimmer, or does a family member or friend have one you can borrow? Go through your neighborhood door to door and ask about cutting their grass for a cheap fee.
Lemonade Stand-This is one of the oldest and easiest businesses to start
Cookie Selling Business/Catering Company-Are you a great cook or have a speciality that you can make try starting a catering company or selling cookies
Creating APP’s for smartphones-Most of today’s youth are computer savvy use your creative ideas to create an app for smartphones,tablet’s,nook’s ect
T-Shirt Company
T-Shirt Design Company-Are you creative, do you know how to design cool t-shirts? Use this to your advantage charge a small fee of $5-$10 to cut up and design friends,family shirts.
Babysitting Business-You all have family,friends who have children you can watch during the week or weekends,babysitting was one of my 1st jobs and I use to make some money doing it
Selling old items on Ebay-You would be surprised the things people want that you don’t,try selling some of those old items on Ebay and see how much cash you can rack up on
Creating Website to sell products-Garage sells can be taken to a new level, try creating your own website and selling the items there to earn cash
jewelry Business-Crafty or creative you can create jewelry out of almost anything
Creating Greeting Cards to sell-You can create, thank you card,party invitations,happy birthday cards
Create Gift Baskets for Different Holidays to sell
Tutoring-Do you excel in a certain subject? How about offering Tutoring services for family and friends for a small fee

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