Youth Spotlight Of The Week

Rochelle Photo courtesy of Grant Cornett

Brooklyn native Rochelle Ballantyne age 17 is aiming towards becoming the first African-American woman to be Chess Master in the history of Chess. Rochelle is breaking barriers and stereotypes formed against children raised by single mothers. Rochelle was raised by a single mother and has won a full scholarship to Standford University. Rochelle was the only female featured in a film titled “Brooklyn Castle” a documentary which followed the lives of Rochelle’s high school Chess team. According to an article written by Nicolas D. Krisoff printed in the New York Times January 30, 2013 Rochelle made this statement “We were meant to break stereotypes” “Chess isn’t something people are good at because of the color of their skin. We just really work very hard at it.” I just want to take the time to Congratulate this young sista for striving to be the best at whatever she set’s her mind to do, and accomplishing so many great things at such a young age. & Shout Out to mom for doing such a wonderful job is raising such a beautiful young ladee!!

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