We all know each generation has had their share of crazy youth, but it seems as though today’s youth is on another level. From the music they are being flooded with they seems to have no message and no real purpose to the dumb ass reality t.v. shows they are being bombarded by who is really showing them something different, giving them something to look forward to. I just wonder in the future who will be our inventors, scientist, authors, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers ect..if our female youth think it’s cool to be a hoe and our males feel like jail is the new college. TheLadeeQueen

No copyright infringement intended I do not own the audio playing just a fan of Wale and felt the song went perfect for the message I am trying to convey. Artist:Wale Song:Sunshine Album:The Gifted I do not own the rights to the pictures got them from google images.

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