Natural Hair Tip#1

So I have been on my natural hair journey for about 1yr and a half. I’m like most of you, mom started off pressing my hair, I have always had a head full she got tired of pressing it so she let me get a perm when I was 10. I kept getting them up until over 1yr ago. I chose NOT to do the Big Chop and instead watched a lot of youtube videos which gave me more options. I have been taking care of my own hair with the help of some lovely Ladee’s from youtube and books I have picked up. There is so much information out there to help us take care of our hair and keep it healthy. The one tip that I have found to truly be helpful with growing my hair and keeping it healthy has been MOISTURIZING DAILY! There are many mosturizers out there and you kinda have to see what works for you. But I go for the water based mosturizers I have fell in love with Taliah Waajid products. I mositurize my hair in the morning and at night before bed. Moisturing the ends of your hair is extremely important this is where we tend to experience the most breakage. After I mositurize my hair I seal the ends with coconut oil to lock in the mositure. I do this regimen daily and I have noticed it does make a difference in how healthy my hair has become! Stay tuned for more tips and if you need to ask questions email me @ Disclaimer: I am not an expert just took it upon myself to do my own research and saw what worked for me. Just want to be a resource of help if you need!!

2 thoughts on “Natural Hair Tip#1

  1. Girl you are so right, keeping your hair moisturized is essential in helping maintain growth and keeping the hair healthy!! Love this website!! Keep doing your thing Queen!!

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