Word Of The Week

Prodigious (Pro·di·gious)-Adjective 1. Remarkably or impressively great in extent, size, or degree. 2.Unnatural or abnormal. Synonyms: wonderful – marvellous Advertisements

Motivational Video Of The Week

Greatest motivational video I’ve seen! No matter how many times you fall continue to get back up! Never let someone’s opinion of you become your reality. Stay focused, Stay Hungry & continue to Dream Big!! TheLadeeQueen

Inspirational Quote Of The Day

“We are all inventors, each sailing out on a voyage of discovery, guided each by a private chart, of which there is no duplicate. The world is all gates,all opportunities.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Motivational Video Of The Day

This brotha Djehuty Ma’at Ra has inspired me and really set me on my course to bettering myself. I have been so inspired watching his videos. I have not only gained so much knowledge from watching his videos but been able to change my health by visiting his online store @ http://www.dhealthstore.com/ This brotha has…

Youth Spotlight Of The Week

Photo courtesy of Grant Cornett Brooklyn native Rochelle Ballantyne age 17 is aiming towards becoming the first African-American woman to be Chess Master in the history of Chess. Rochelle is breaking barriers and stereotypes formed against children raised by single mothers. Rochelle was raised by a single mother and has won a full scholarship to…

Word Of The Week

Amicable (Am-i-ca-ble)-Adj.- Having a spirit of friendliness; without serious disagreement or rancor. Synonyms:Friendly, Kind

Motivational Video Of The Week

Every since I started watching this brotha my life has changed for the better!! Gotta take my inspirational medicine everyday! I Love this one ET speaks about making the decision to take action & live life. I hope this inspires you to do more and be more!! TheLadeeQueen Be sure to check out more motivational…

Inspirational Quote Of The Week

Thoughts have great power; they are like seeds you plant in your mind. The more you hold onto a particular thought, the more power you invest in it. Positive thoughts give us energy and strength. Negative thoughts rob us of power and make us feel tired and strained. We are by nature positive. Negativity is…


We all know each generation has had their share of crazy youth, but it seems as though today’s youth is on another level. From the music they are being flooded with they seems to have no message and no real purpose to the dumb ass reality t.v. shows they are being bombarded by who is…