Our Story Moment (Arius)


Research Arius a brotha from Egypt who was a bad brotha. He is responsible for causing The First Council of Nicea to be created by Constantine which ultimately created the ficitional character called “Jesus Christ”. It’s deep, don’t believe everything your told,learn to research and learn the true history that has been hidden and twisted.

2 thoughts on “Our Story Moment (Arius)

  1. Aye a lot of people have no clue about this, props to you for posting and knowing your history. Mad Respect for this, if people only knew churches, preachers and religion wouldn’t be making the billions they are today.

  2. You getting into some heavy knowledge right here, now if more sistas was on this I could deal with them. I’m going to be directing my homegirls this way. Most people have NO clue about this while they praising Jesus a made up man.

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