Black History Moment (The Moors)

I have watched both films Hidden Colors 1 & 2 by film maker, author, and speaker Tariq Nasheed, these video’s changed my life and how I saw myself as a African American Female. These films are full of knowledge and contain powerful information that every black person should see. We should know our history and the TRUTH. Here is a clip from Hidden Colors 1 where Tariq Nasheed discussing The Moors. Check out to purchase both films. This brotha not only has films but books, radio show and travels all over the world speaking on issues that effect our community. Check this brotha out.

One thought on “Black History Moment (The Moors)

  1. One of my homeboi’s put me up on this DVD. Man Tariq gives up some heavy game not only in his films but in his books and at his lectures. Great Post, more of our youth need to be aware of our history and celebrate the King’s and Queen’s we are. I love your site Queen! 😉

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