Letter To My Brotha’s

Letter to my Brotha’s

Okay so we all know what they say, and the black man is looked as like a threat. Despite what society has taught you and made you believe about your self, I am here to tell you different. Now although some brotha’s choose to rob, steal and kill because of their environment and what they have been shown. All brotha’s are not like this. Someone’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality. You get to decide your destiny despite your current circumstances. You are not  some violent, slow learning, thief, drug dealing, dumb,jail bird, uneducated, braid wearing, gang banging,rapping, sagging pants, unworthy, grew up in the hood and will never amount to anything, fatherless black thug who was born to a teenage mom.  I have watched too many black men close to me be mistreated and lead to believe they are not worthy to be apart of society. They have been labeled and put into the prison system where they can never prosper and become productive members in society. I realize sometimes after you hear so much of something you start to believe it is true.  I watched my dad and uncles be  strong, hard working,  men take society head on with  class and no complaints. They are role models and true Kings in my eyes. I want you all to know you are intelligent, strong, powerful, hardworking, powerful Brotha’s who can accomplish anything you set your mind on! You have no limits, you can be anything you want to be! Never let ANYONE, or ANYTHING tell you different. You are what you think, and all you have to do is say and think the positive words you wish everyone else would tell you and tell yourself. I have a young son and I am always telling him how smart,handsome and powerful he is. I do the same for my daughter. I know the words I speak to them are powerful and I want them to have a positive image of self. For too long “black” males have been taught how our father created us was not what was considered beautiful. You are a unique individual and no one other person in the entire world is like you. You should be jumping for joy and screaming to the mountain tops singing how wonderful you are with just knowing that. So if anyone or anything has ever made you feel unworthy or less than great just know YOU ARE A STRONG & POWERFUL KING!!

If you need someone to talk to, please email me @savingtheyouth@hotmail.com and I would be happy to speak with you!!

P.S. The next time you have doubts about the power you possess look up these Strong, Courageous, Intelligent, Powerful Kings.  Medgar Evers,  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Booker T. Coleman, Dr. Umar Johnson, Nelson Mandela, Booker T. Washington, Huey P. Newton,Bobby Seale, Minister Louis Farrakhan


6 thoughts on “Letter To My Brotha’s

  1. I like this Queen, way to motivate the brothas, good looking on this! You are making me start to change the way I was feeling about black women these days. You have restored my faith, it is still some down sista’s out here!!

  2. Much Respect sista, it’s hard out here for a black man because of the way we have been conditioned but we have to know our power and stand up to be better. Great way to motivate the brotha’s who feel like they have no hope.

  3. Powerful letter, I hope you don’t mind I posted this on my facebook and referenced your website and provided a link to your youtube page. I wanted all my homies to read this! You are a TRUE QUEEN!

  4. These little niggas don’t understand they worth they glorify these fake ass rappers and celebrities lost in the fame. This letter is what’s up, powerful message hope they catch it

  5. Awww mann this was right on time, I needed to hear something like this especially from a black woman. Good to know all sistas not out to down a brotha. Thanks for this , you are a TRUE QUEEN forreal!

  6. This letter is DOPE, and for this to come from a sista! I have a new hope for our women, thanks for the encouraging words. I am reblogging this.

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