Letter to my Sista’s

Okay so we all know what they say, and although we have some of our sista’s who just don’t know how to act. Whether they are fighting in public or on t.v, stealing out of walmart, leaving their kids in the car while they go in concerts, sleeping with different men and having 5 different babies daddies. All of our sista’s are not like that and some of us are doing our best to be up-standing women. Now despite what society has taught you an showed you on t.v. with the ghetto images of black women you are not a ghetto, welfare recipient, dumb, destined to be a teenage mom, uneducated, nappy headed, loud, unworthy, grew up in the hood and will never amount to anything, fatherless black young woman. I am here to tell you different. Why? Because society once made me feel as though maybe I just wasn’t worthy enough to belong. I mean I have always been very outspoken and confident. But sometimes after you hear so much of something you start to believe it is true. I did some soul searching and came to realize my circumstances are not what made me, and how I choose to handle those circumstances made all the difference in my life. I watched my gram be a strong, hard working women most of her life and she did it with grace, class and no complaints. She is my role model and a true Queen in my eyes. I want you all to know you are a naturally beautiful, strong, confident, nurturing, grandiose, compassionate, Nubian Queen! Never let ANYONE, or ANYTHING tell you different. You are what you think, and all you have to do is say and think the positive words you wish everyone else would tell you and tell yourself. I have a young daughter and I am always telling her how wonderful and beautiful and smart she is. I do the same for my son. I know the words I speak to them are powerful and I want them to have a positive image of self. For too long “black” females have been taught how our father created us was not what was considered beautiful. Well correct me if I am wrong but while “black” women strive to look like white women with the weave, and bleaching cream. They are fighting so hard to look like us with tans, butt injections or implants, and wearing weave themselves. Just be comfortable in your skin and be confident in how you were born. You are a unique individual and no one other person in the entire world is like you. You should be jumping for joy and screaming to the mountain tops singing how wonderful you are with just knowing that. So if anyone or anything has ever made you feel unworthy or less than great just know YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL NUBIAN QUEEN!!

If you need someone to talk to, please email me @ savingtheyouth@hotmail.com and I would be happy to speak with you!!

P.S. The next time you have doubts about the power you possess look up these Beautiful, Intelligent, Powerful Nubian Queens.  Maya Angelou,  Dr.Francis Wessling, Afeni Shakur, Kathleen Cleaver, Shahrazad Ali, Angela Davis, Sojourner Truth, Jill Scott, India Arie, Angie Stone, McLyte (Lana Moorer), Yo Yo (Yolanda Whittaker), Coretta Scott King, Rosa Parks, Harriett Tubman, Gabrielle Douglas,Shirley Chisholm, Madame C.J. Walker,Mae Jemison, Just to name a FEW!!


6 thoughts on “LETTER TO MY SISTA’S

  1. After reading this I am in tears, thank you sista for such an uplifting letter. I am going to forward this to all my sistas, we ALL need to read this. You are such a blessing to me. Thanks for always staying positive, we need more sistas like you in the world.

  2. If black women would take the time to open there mind and quit living up to stereotypes created by people to destroy them they would understand the power they hold. Thank you sista for realizing your power. You are truly a Queen in my eyes!!

  3. You are such an inspiration to me, thank you for this letter, sometime I think we as black women need to hear stuff like this, I mean every time you turn around all you hear is the negative, glad to see someone recognize the good. Thank you sista you are my HERO!! I mean SHERO!!

  4. Now this is DOPE! Sisters need to come together so we can move foward instead of moving backwards. Thanks for this! Love it!!!!!!!!!

  5. I wish I had more women around me that was like you, you have inspired me to try and do more, cuz right now I just complain about how bad things are.

  6. I am a supporter of yours for life, I love your spirit and energy this is so encouraging and we sistas need to stick together!! Thanks for the inspiration Queen!

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