Kiyanna T. Salters (Rest In Peace)

kiyanna salter

Kiyanna T. Salters

17 year old Kiyanna T. Salters was the victim of unnecessary violence in Chicago on the night of October 5th, 2008. Two young men got into an argument when one boy bumped into another one. When one of the boy’s got off the bus, he shot into the bus striking 17 year old Kiyanna Salters in the face. This beautiful young sister a senior in high school with her whole life ahead of her was taken away for no reason at all. According to relatives of Kiyanna she loved to play basketball and dance. A family friend Maria Buckley was quoted as saying Kiyanna wanted to become a doctor.This young lady was riding the bus home after coming from visiting a sick aunt. Who knew she would lose her life so sudden and all because somebody’s pride felt tampered with. I watched a video from the celebration of life for this young woman I could do nothing but cry. I felt the burden of her death on my shoulders. Every day I am seeing more stories of our young kids dying in these streets and instead of seeing more people stand up and speak out about this unnecessary violence streak that has taken over the youth I see people more concerned with the next fake ass “reality” show that is coming out. I pray for Kiyanna’s family and all the people of Chicago. There are little kids crying out saying they do not want to die, and you have people running around on a rampage trying to prove they are “gangster” . This world is really pitiful to me. You would think with all these kids dying the parents in Chicago would rally up and start marching the streets and taking their kids back. Our ancestors did not get beat, hung, lynched, raped, spit on, put in jail, endure so much pain to have us losing our kids to guns, drugs and the streets. This young girl could have had a promising productive future and instead she was robbed of her life at the tender age of 17. My prayers go out to all the young people we have lost too soon. In the words of my hero “The good die young” Tupac

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