Youth Tip #2 Peer Pressure



Right now in your life I know how you feel, there is so much pressure from family, friends, the media and society to be cool and accepted. I know you feel like your friends are the most important people in the world and what they think about you means more to you then how you feel about yourself. I understand the pressure of having sex, doing drugs, stealing, skipping school, not listening to your parent’s, hanging out late, and getting into trouble. I just want you to understand that you have to learn to follow your own mind and just what you know is right in your heart. A person who is your real true friend will not want to see you get into trouble and will not ask you to do things they know you do not want to do. A real friend will NEVER put you in a compromising situation EVER. Soon enough you will learn that real friends will always respect your decisions and push you to do the right things even if they are doing bad things. Try not to let other people tell you what is right for you. The way I look at life and the decisions I make is like this, on judgement day and I believe in GOD so I think about that day of judgement when God asks me about all the things I did. It will be me,myself and I who has to answer for everything I have done. No one else will be there with me so when I think about that I never let what someone else says or does determine how I live my life. Once you start to understand this you will understand you have to make choices for yourself and not worry about what the next person says or does. If people around you are not there to help you become a better person you should get away from them. If you are having issues with peer pressure and need someone to talk to email me @



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