Just Say No to S.T.D.’s

STD Savingtheyouth

I will be posting information on different types of Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STD’s) so that you are aware of the risk you have for catching these diseases, symptoms so you know if you may possibly have one of these diseases and ways to prevent you from catching these diseases. In the times we live in all the teens seem to be sexually active but there seems to be no sexual education being taught to the youth. So here can you find information that can help you if you are sexually active or thinking about becoming sexual active. Remember you can always contact me directly at savingtheyouth@hotmail.com if you have any questions or need to talk to someone about this subject.


11 thoughts on “Just Say No to S.T.D.’s

  1. I am so inspired by your website, It’s great to see someone reaching out to the youth and touching on topics that we need to hear about. So happy I came across this blog, this has been truly helpful! You are amazing!!

    1. WOW Trent you don’t know what that means when you say you are inspired, I feel like if I just reach one child then I have done my job but I know I want to do so much more, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to share your thoughts with me!

  2. This is great, Teens really need to see this information and learn more about S.T.D.’s,kids are just having sex these days with no regards to the dangerous things they can catch. Glad you have started this website.

  3. This is what I am talking about, I love to see the issues being addressed that are necessary for the teens in the world. I have truly enjoyed this website I will be sending the link to some friends that have teens who could truly benefit from the information provided here. Keep up the excellent work I am inspired to do my part now!!!

  4. More of these kinds of topics need to be discussed especially when it comes to our teenagers, they are out here having sex like rabbits and unaware of the diseases they can catch and some they can not get rid of. This is going to be the most powerful section of the website

  5. Most people are afraid to speak on topic such as STD’s but I am glad to see you talk about it because kids these days think they are invinceable and they can catch AIDS like anyone else can. Good topic boo!

    1. I heard a story on the news the other day of how they have gradually taken away most of the sex education our of the schools like everything else so this was top on my list to talk about, to make sure this kids know what’s out there.

  6. Great topic and subject we need more discussion about this, STD’s are becoming an epidemic, especially now that they have a strain of Gonnorhea you cannot get rid of.

    1. I have so many young cousins who are sexually active but ignorant to the facts about STD’s I find it urgent to let the youth know about the risks associated with having sex protected and unprotected.

  7. I like the fact that you touch on topics we barely hear about, these kids fucking outta control, they need to know what they are facing not using protection. Good post Queen

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