Youth Tip #1 Be Yourself

Youth Tip #1 (BE YOURSELF)

Despite what society has told you, you DO NOT have to follow the latest trend or try and keep up with the newest phone. Society has made the youth feel as though you are not cool or important if you don’t know what the newest reality t.v. show drama is or have the newest pair of Jordan’s. I just want to say that’s Bull$h*t..excuse my french but it is. Material things will never matter because they hold no value. Just imagine your entire house catching on fire and you lose everything. When reality hits certain things just do not matter. Money doesn’t even hold value in 2012 so a pair of shoes or a iphone surely holds no value. I’m here to tell you ALL  Never be afraid to be yourself. Nobody can be a better you than you! I was telling my daughter the other day nothing is new any more we recycle styles and keep in rotation the same old things. So try not to keep up, create your own style and have people try to keep up with you. If you need some advise on creating your own style or just need to talk email me at


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