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SavingTheYouth Stars™

Saving The Youth Stars™ is a an online resource center for Teens across the WORLD!Saving The Youth Stars™ gives TEENS a voice and a resource center of information needed in order to navigate life as a teenager. http://www.savingtheyouth.com provides a plethora of information so teens don’t have to feel alone. Saving The Youth Stars™ was founded by Kween Sankofa Bey also known as 1st Ladee’ Kween in 2012 in order to create a positive outlet for the youth. With today’s world advancing at such a rapid pace and teenagers becoming exposed to sex, drugs and the fast life. Kween wanted to create a program to help mentor and guide the youth in the right direction helping them become productive members of society. Kween became a mother at the age of 17. Looking at today’s society she is truly afraid of what her kids and others have to face. She never would have dreamed of having to worry about the stuff she does now having a young daughter and son. Growing up as an 80’s baby and 90’s kid she was exposed to drugs, sex and the fast life at an early age and it was bad but not this bad. Today’s society has no respect, no moral’s, no values, and no mind of their own. Everyone is busy trying to follow a trend we don’t have individuals we have groups. 1st Ladee’ Kween is on a mission and wants to show the youth there is so much more to life if they just see how precious their life is and the importance they have to the world. One of the Kween’s favorite quotes says “young people don’t need critics they need role models”. The Youth can only follow what they are being shown. If all we are showing them is money, drugs, cars, clothes and sex, then that’s all they will be attracted to. Growing up in the 90’s the O.G.’s never glorified being pimps and drug dealers. They actually carried themselves as business men, and they followed a code of respect and honor. These days instead of turning the kids to the schools like the O.G.’s did in my day we are turning the kids toward the streets with everything we are showing them.  Growing up as a huge fan of Tupac’s, now listening to his interviews or his music she can hear the pain he felt for the World and how he wished he could change everything bad he saw.Kween now carries that same feeling when it comes to these kids because having two of her own she understands they don’t deserve the world we live in. “There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them” Dr. Denis Waitley. This inspired Kween even more to take the necessary steps in Saving The Youth. She feels like if she wants to see change in the world she first needs to become the change she wants to see.

Teens, and these young adults to come to me with questions, concerns, problems, issues,  about school, family, relationships, if they have a parent on drugs, in jail, pregnant teens, if they need to vent because somebody has made them mad,  anything they have on their minds and they feel there is no one they can talk to or relate with then they can send me an email at savingtheyouth@hotmail.com with their name, phone number, best time to call and short description of what’s on their mind and I will get back with them within 24 hrs. We can talk as long or as short as they want. I just want them to know somebody is here for them!!

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12 Comments Add yours

  1. Jay P. says:

    So many people have given up hope on the youth, people tend to ignore the younger generation, happy to see someone taking a step towards trying to make a change..Keep up the great work!! I will be following this blog.

  2. John Benson says:

    I am inspired and amazed by your devotion to help the youth. You are an amazing women, God Bless You Queen!!

  3. KingD says:

    This is truly inspiring and makes me want to start a mentor program which is something I have thought about for a while now. Thanks for the inspiration Queen!! You are an angel!

  4. Young&Gifted says:

    You would be a good leader for the youth, because you can relate, your still hip to what’s going on you could really help guide them in the right direction. I pray you go far with this savingtheyouth because the youth need somebody to follow.

  5. Jay K. says:

    I pray you will have a youth center soon. We need more women like you in the community reaching out to the youth, we have a lost generation on our hands seeking guidance and this is a perfect start for reaching them. God Bless Ma!

  6. J.T. says:

    Great dream soon to be manifested, I can see it now. You are going to do great things, hope I can be a part of this one day. Be Blessed Sis keep pushing!

  7. StarrBright says:

    Love what your doing ma! & You have inspired me to pursue my teams of becoming a elementary school teacher. I have been putting it off really being lazy but after reading this I am taking the steps to get started. Thanks a million & God Bless!!! 🙂

  8. J.R. says:

    I know you will be successful I can feel your determination after reading this, I wish you the best of luck in the future, our youth really needs this.

  9. Kamie says:

    Love your story and wish you much success with your journey!

  10. MeMe says:

    I love you passion for helping the youth, boy do we need someone who actually cares about the welfare of the kids instead of trying to gain fame or fortune for helping them. I wish you the best of luck in your journey Queen! 1 Love

  11. Tiffany says:

    You have a new fan! I’m blown away by your words & reason – my support, you have. I already see us doing some work together & look forward to helping you expand this work that you are 100% committed to. Thank you Queen for starting this & being here for our youth.

    May God continue to bless your efforts!!!


      Thank you so much Queen!!!!!

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